Interview with the Undead Artist- kila-ibyao

To start off the first of my interview with the artist, I am featuring the delightful kila-ibyao. I first found her L4D digital paintings on deviantART and knew I had to share.

Who is your favorite character to play in L4D 1 and 2?
My Favorite characters from L4D are Frances and Ellis.

Those are my favorites, too, actually. So, what situation makes you the angriest when you’re playing the game? (Example; getting stuck in spitter goo)
Playing with the A.I. is always miserable. Once, my friend and I were in a desperate need of health kits. As we fought off the hoard, Coach was able to reach the only health kit before us. Unfortunately Coach felt that 95% percent health was much too low and instead, healed himself. Needless to say we all died, with the exception of Coach. My A.I. teammates have also let me down in other situations, such as healing me when trying to flee from a Tank, or ignoring me while I’m being dangled in front of them.

Coach is a jerk, clearly…On the topic of art, what is your artist process? Do you sketch in pencil first then move on to a digital process?
I usually do my sketches digitally but I do occasionally start off with traditional mediums such as pencil or ink. I begin with a fairly loose sketch which gives me room to make adjustments later. From there on it’s just a process of building thin layers of colors, one on top another. Just like my sketch, how I paint is semi loose, and in a way is almost impressionistic.

I agree, your style does have an impressionistic feel. Moving on to zombies, how long have you been a zombie fan and what started your fandom?
I want to say it was around the time I was introduced to Resident Evil series. Or maybe it was House of the Dead. For the most part, it was video games that got me addicted to zombies.

Favorite book or movie of the genre?
Shaun of the dead.

What about zombies intrigues you?
They are like the perfect villains in the sense that their only goal is to consume flesh, and that they are beings that can’t be reasoned with. This makes them all the more terrifying. Unlike most villains of today and how they are romanticized, zombies are just perfect on their own.

I’ve never heard a response like that but I have to say, it’s one of the best. I hate romanticized villains… Hey, Omfg! The apocalypse started and you’re in your house, alone…there are zombies outside. In a nutshell, what is your game plan?
Curl up in a fetal position.

If you could pick what kind of zombie you’d be (Fast, slow, viral, unexplained, etc) what would you choose?
If I were a zombie, I would like to be an intelligent zombie with the ability to turn doorknobs and open doors.

Any last words?
It’s been a pleasure.

Please visit her deviantART page here.


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Eloise J. Knapp is an author and designer living in the Pacific Northwest.
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