Zindie Review- “Eaters: The Beginning”

Eaters: The Beginning was a short, genuinely unique zombie novella. Like A Zombie Apocalypse by Keith Luethke, it is the first in a series of novellas. Michelle DePaepe created a bizarre new take on infected zombies, one that I found weird enough to be exciting. I warn you now, there will be a little bit of a spoiler in this review…but I doubt it’ll ruin the book for you. In fact, I think it should pique your interest.

This story follows the point of view of Cheryl, though her fiancée is also involved in most of it. She is an average woman back from a camping trip when, at work, she encounters her first infected individual. As the heroes tend to do in the books and movies, Cheryl writes it off as strange and goes into town for lunch after the situation is offloaded onto other coworkers. On the way she happens upon a gruesome scene in the street and takes refuge in a sandwich shop. You’ll find out that her fiancée knows the origin of the disease which is that it—and here is the mini spoiler—comes from dogs with mutated genetics who were intended to sniff out cancerous cells. But, as we all know, this kind of thing jumps species and gets out of control! Hence the Eaters.
Though the scientific explanation, or concrete reasoning, behind the virus isn’t established (yet) the concept was so different I couldn’t help but be impressed. The writing style and plot flow are captivating and to the point, though sometimes the dialogue and Cheryl’s inner thoughts can feel a bit contrived. DePaepe offers quite a few gross/nasty/gory scenes that’ll make you squirm…even if it’s just a little. Eaters: The Beginning is very short and doesn’t have any down points that tempt you to stop reading. DePaepe leaves us with a simple cliffhanger that is motivating enough for someone to buy the next one.

For an independent novel the formatting and grammar are on the good side of the spectrum. I don’t recall getting hung up on awkward wording or horrendously misspelled words. That alone is a great accomplishment for a zindie author!

If you’re interested in a quick read and only spending 99 cents (the current price of this zindie novella) please visit Amazon.com.


About Eloise J. Knapp

Eloise J. Knapp is an author and designer living in the Pacific Northwest.
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