Zombie Garden Gnomes

I know, I know. It sounds so random but really these gnomes are extremely cool. I recently purchased one at Crypticon and I can vouch for their impeccable craftsmanship. Each is beautifully hand painted and heavy. These little beasts are not flimsy. If you consider how much works goes into one gnome, the price is downright cheap, too.  Here is an interview with their creator, Doug.

The most basic question… why zombie gnomes? What about undead gnomes appeals to you, and what—if anything—was your inspiration to start creating them? How long have you been making them?
I’ve only been producing them for 2 weeks.  Although I did the sculptures & molds in April. 

What styles of zombie gnomes do you offer and what are their prices? 
We offer “Walking Dead”, a slumbering zombie gnome with his eyeball hanging out for $49.  “Rising Dead”, which is only 3/4 of a zombie gnome.  So when you place him in your garden it looks like he is coming up out of the ground.  He costs $39.

What’s your creative process like? i.e how do you make them? 
We first start with a concept sketch.  Then one is chosen to go into production.  It is sculpted in clay & molds are made from that sculpture.  Each one is cast solid out of garden statuary stone.  You can’t use plaster because plaster is not meant for outside.  It will break down & fall apart once exposed to the elements.  Last each gnome gets hand painted & sealed with a UV protective coating.

How long does it take to make one gnome? 
A single gnome doesn’t take too long.  We usually run our gnomes 40 at a time.  The painting & attention to detail is what takes the longest.  These are not mass produced from China.  Our Zombie Gnomes are 100% made in the USA!

Would you ever offer custom designed gnomes? E.g different colors, facial expressions, and so forth. 
Probably not.  Because it costs a lot of money to put a gnome into production (i.e. molds & tooling).  We would never recoup that cost if it was made to a limited market. 

A more obscure, but fun question; do you ever fear your zombie gnomes? After all, there may be something creepy about a mass of zombie gnomes hanging outside your house at night…what if they came to life?! 
I already have been creeped out by them & I think they do come to life!  I swear some of them move by themselves & are staring at me while I’m working in the studio surrounded by them.

If your zombie gnomes did come to life, do you think you’d be able to command them or would they be mindless monstrosities? 
Even though I’m their creator…I wouldn’t have any control over them.  They are ZOMBIES!  I would end up plant food in their garden.

Okay, okay! Enough of these weird questions. How can one go about purchasing a zombie gnome? 
We are feverishly trying to keep up with demand.  So our online store might be sold out when you check.  But check back often because we usually post inventory twice a week.  You can find our ZOMBIE GNOMES on Etsy. We also have a Facebook page where you can “like” get up to date information on ZOMBIE GNOMES & even pre-order information (if you are willing to wait a few weeks for delivery).

My gnome's name is Mr. Lumbiddle. I love him! =)


About Eloise J. Knapp

Eloise J. Knapp is an author and designer living in the Pacific Northwest.
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  1. James says:

    Pretty Cool Stuff

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