May Awesome Giveaway!

Congrats to Derek Goodman for winning the April giveaway!

3 easy steps to follow!

Step 1- Watch the video so you know what you’re getting and can see it.

Step 2- Comment on this blog (you must enter your email so I can contact you for shipping info and to tell you you’ve won and so you can tell me which zombie photo you want. Emails will NOT be used for anything else.) You DO NOT have to put your email in the comment. Just in the form where it asks you to.

Step 3- On June 1st one winner will be chosen.

Zombie photos are on my website


About Eloise J. Knapp

Eloise J. Knapp is an author and designer living in the Pacific Northwest.
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16 Responses to May Awesome Giveaway!

  1. eric jobes says:

    hope i win XD.

  2. Jay L says:

    Cool Hope I win love zombies and my dad has George A Romero tats of bub.

  3. Bill Braddock says:

    Awesome giveaway, indeed. I’ll keep my tentacles crossed.

  4. Here is my comment for entry. That shirt is pretty cool!

  5. Allen Taylor says:

    And the odds shall favor me, ^_^!! Bring it random generator number device!

  6. Annabel says:

    Please be in my favor random generator! I’d love to win =)

  7. James says:

    New subscriber to the blog, really good stuff! Glad our paths crossed! Free Swag is always cool, but just having found your site I feel like a winner!

  8. Mike P says:

    Darn, I was really confident that I was going to win last month. Well, I’ll just give it another try this month.

  9. paultagonist says:

    Sweet sassy molassy! Another contest. Woohoo.

  10. Trae' Herren says:

    I am a huge fan of the book and through it I have become a fan of Eloise. Love the videos and I can not say enough how much I am waiting to read more about Cyrus!!!!!!

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  12. alan says:

    Thank you for the giveaways. So Fun!

  13. Charles P. says:

    Woops! I hit the wrong reply button, Here’s my formal entry 😉

  14. Jonathan S. says:

    Looking forward to TUS sequel! Love the giveaways!

  15. Random Generator, if I win, I’ll put you in my next zombie apocalypse novel. I’ll even have you save an orphanage full of children, have a torrid sex scene, and a heroic death.

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