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If Zombies Could Talk…oh wait, they can!

You’re probably used to zombies being the bad guys. They’re generally mindless, want to eat the flesh of the living, and overall prove to be a real nuisance for humans. But what if things were different? What if zombies and … Continue reading

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The Moment I Fell In Love

I want to tell you the story of how I fell in love with zombies. Some of you might have heard the initial experience through interviews or such, but there are a few other details that might amuse you. When … Continue reading

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An Interview with Cyrus V. Sinclair

The following is an “interview” with the character Cyrus V. Sinclair from my novels, The Undead Situation and The Undead Haze. When Cyrus informed me he wanted to do an interview I shook my head, said absolutely not, and locked … Continue reading

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February Giveaway

Whew, January came and went extremely fast. The random number generator picked a winner, and now the next giveaway is upon us! This time I have something new for you. Last Man Designs created a shirt out of the amazing … Continue reading

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