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Zindie Review: When the Dead by Michelle Kilmer

I read When the Dead in two days, and because of how much homework and readings I have for school, that means I really liked it. Enough to skimp on some late nineteenth century poetry, write a few less words … Continue reading

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Hello, Ellis: L4D Fan Fic

A while back Permuted Press asked some of us authors to write origin stories on the L4D2 characters. I chose Ellis (of course, he is the best). This piece was a little unusual for me to write since it has … Continue reading

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Interview with a Zindie Author: Michelle Kilmer

Michelle Kilmer is the author of When the Dead, a psychologically captivating and dramatic novel following the lives of numerous survivors during the apocalypse. I loved her book and knew I needed to pick her brain. The end of this … Continue reading

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i can’t read good: how to respond to someone’s writing

If someone asked you to read something they wrote, a likely follow-up question is how you liked it or what you thought. “I liked it” or “I didn’t like it” is a popular, but horrifically inadequate response. If you’re even … Continue reading

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Last Sneak Peek: TUH Chapter 2

As a thank you to my fans for getting The Undead Situation to over 100 reviews on Amazon, here is the second chapter to The Undead Haze. This is the last sneak peek as TUH comes out on April 30th. … Continue reading

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I Can’t Write Good: dealing with criticism

I want to talk about something I used to be very sensitive about: criticism. By now you know that I wrote The Undead Situation when I was only a teenager. It was my first long work of fiction. I assaulted … Continue reading

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Super-Awesome March Giveaway

Whoa, whoa, WHOA. A super-awesome giveaway, you say? No kidding around, folks. Since it is my birthday month I decided to go big with the giveaway. Leave a comment to enter and you’ll have a chance of winning: 1 red Eloise J. … Continue reading

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