Super-Awesome March Giveaway

Whoa, whoa, WHOA. A super-awesome giveaway, you say? No kidding around, folks. Since it is my birthday month I decided to go big with the giveaway. Leave a comment to enter and you’ll have a chance of winning:

1 red Eloise J. Knapp “Curing the infection” shirt (available in sizes large, xl, xxl)

1 black Undead Situation shirt (available in sizes large, medium, small)

1 copy of the latest Z Magazine

1 signed copy of The Undead Situation

2 limited edition prints of me, signed if you want

But I’ve decided to spice things up just a tad this time. In your comment, tell me what the most epic/horrific death-by-zombie would be. Be as short or lengthy as you want…I just want to be amused!

Example: having two broken legs, trying to crawl away from a legless zombie, and eventually being eaten by said zombie after a terribly long attempt at crawling away.



About Eloise J. Knapp

Eloise J. Knapp is an author and designer living in the Pacific Northwest.
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9 Responses to Super-Awesome March Giveaway

  1. Hunter Broussard says:

    The worst death I can imagine is to be devoured by family, especially one’s children. It’s not just a grisly death it also physiologically destroys a person.

    • zomblog says:

      I agree. That hits you on every level. Being eaten alive by a stranger would be nowhere near traumatic in the moment as being eaten alive by your kids.

  2. Allen Taylor says:

    Running… nothing, but running. Knowing that the more I run, the more noise I make, the more noise I make, the more interested they become.

    It’s the burning in my muscles, the acid taste in my mouth from the constriction in my abdomen because I just happened to get a rare bite to eat, only to find myself in a life or death situation. The hot tearing breathing, the mixture taste of blood and bile, as my lungs force air in and out. I hurts so much to breath, it hurts worse to stop.

    Then, the ground gives way, I fall… scratching myself up from legs to elbows. I’m stuck. Can’t move. Can’t use that one last bullet. Then, slowly… then come.

    Panic wells up inside of me. I’m more scared of -where- that first bite will be. I can’t move… It comes closer. I want to scream, but can’t. So jammed up am I in that bloody hole, I can’t even get enough breath to live, let alone scream for help.

    Then the overwhelming stench, browned teeth. Panicked breaths. Blunt teeth tearing at my neck, the spray of blood from the jugular. The worst possible place, bleeding out… stuck in a hole… with nothing but a hungry beast for company.

  3. Being pulled apart limb by limb, like a crowd of starving savages tearing into a whole cooked chicken. I don’t wanna be a wishbone. Aaurrgghh!

  4. Phillip Jones says:

    To be eaten alive by the zombie of Strom Thurmond. I don’t know; it would just feel… embarrassing.

  5. I, too, would like to win.

  6. Hunter says:

    Being tied up to a light pole by you friends then being eaten alive while they escape.

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