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Blaze for the Apocalypse

I’m not who I am because I want to be. It’s because people made me this way. This isn’t a denial, blame-society-for-my-social-ineptitude kind of thing. This is a people are useless, undependable, and generally stupid kind of thing. A people-prove-themselves-wrong … Continue reading

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You are a Writer

One of my English teachers recently asked us what makes a writer. Who are they? How do they act? Along with the usual jokes about being tormented enough or drinking enough alcohol, one guy said, “A writer is someone who … Continue reading

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Max Brooks: a defense

If you haven’t read an article about the interview with Max Brooks, or seen the video itself, where he talks about his thoughts on the World War Z movie, you are straight up behind. Here are some links. Read about … Continue reading

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10 Commandments for Zombie Fanatics

Thou shalt let the naive think that holding out in a mall is the best thing to do in the zombie apocalypse. Thou shalt never say thy weapon of choice is a katana, chainsaw, or machine gun. Thou shalt not … Continue reading

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Lovin’ You Ain’t Easy

I didn’t want to take another bite of Nicky’s homemade pasta, so I don’t. I pushed the noodles around the plate to make it look like I made progress, then reached in to my pocket and withdrew a cherry Jolly … Continue reading

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