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5 People You Hate

The aggressive shopping cart person: You feel like you’re being assaulted by them as they weave their cart in the aisle, not watching where they are going. What’s the rush? None, apparently, because once they get to where they want … Continue reading

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I’m In Video, Too!

Hey, did you know I have a channel on YouTube? Yep, I do! I’ve had it for a while but this year I have been extremely consistent in uploading videos every week. My channel is another way I try to … Continue reading

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How I Got My Gear

On my 15th birthday, after I’d read The Zombie Survival Guide numerous times, my uncle presented me with a life-changing gift: an olive colored Cordura duffle bag with the words “zombie survival kit” painted in red on the outside. Inside … Continue reading

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I hate the Internet

Whoa, whoa. The title really caught your eye and you’re ablaze already, angry that such a remark would ever be made. I’ll rephrase to cool your temper. I hate the Internet because I hate how I can’t control myself when … Continue reading

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