I’m In Video, Too!

Hey, did you know I have a channel on YouTube?

Yep, I do! I’ve had it for a while but this year I have been extremely consistent in uploading videos every week. My channel is another way I try to connect with fans and build an audience for my work.

I have three main series that I do. One is called “Zomvlog” where I talk about anything and everything to do with zombies. This also includes readings of my own work, as well as general discussions on the genre, movies, and books.


“Reading of Dead Haze”

My newest series that I’m looking forward to expanding is “Seriously Simple Special Effects.” It is a series of tutorials, some Photoshop tutorials also, that are aimed at teaching beginners basic makeup techniques. I’m completely self taught and poured over hours of tutorials on YouTube and wanted to try my hand at providing them, too, in a very accessible manner.


“Basic Contouring”

Last, my most popular series is “Author’s Lament.” In these videos I explore the woes, rages, and humor in being an author. Some of the videos are very sarcastic, while others hit on the little things writers deal with every day.

"5 Stages of a Bad Review"

“5 Stages of a Bad Review”

So, get ready to sit back and kill some time!


About Eloise J. Knapp

Eloise J. Knapp is an author and designer living in the Pacific Northwest.
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