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The Starbucks Girl (a short story)

Ready for something totally different from me? This is a short story I wrote for my last creative writing class. It had to follow a “scaffold” of another story, but made my own. In other words, the flow of events had to … Continue reading

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I Broke up with Mad Men

I didn’t expect it to happen, but it did. When I first met Mad Men it was love at first episode. Don’s constant existential crises, the delightful visual appeal of the 60s, people smoking and drinking around children and while … Continue reading

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A Hopefully Ironic Letter to Writer’s Block

Hello, old friend. I’d say I’m happy to see you, but we both know that would be the most absurd of lies. You’re unwelcome here. In fact, no one likes you; you’re that awkward kid at the party everyone nods … Continue reading

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