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The O’Keefe Ruins (a short story)

This is another short story from my collection of homework assignments for my study abroad strip to Ireland in July ’13. I’d never written a ghost story before and the parameters on the story were very tight. Despite all that … Continue reading

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Half-Life HEV Suit Cosplay- Part 1

I love Half-Life. When I was a girl, I’d watch my uncle play Half-Life and be mesmerized by it. Later, we’d play Half-Life 2 together. Then I played it myself, and all the episodes. I believe it to be an … Continue reading

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I’m Begging You, Sandman (a short story)

I’m putting it off because I’m afraid. This is how it is every time. Tonight will be no exception. There are never exceptions. This is how it goes: at first I’m confident. It would be okay, and tonight wouldn’t be … Continue reading

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