Q & A on PULSE, TUS3, Beta Reading, Review Copies

Pulse_CoverI’ve been hearing the same questions on PULSE and TUS3 so I thought I’d take a moment to address some of them in case you were wondering.

Q: Is this the third Undead Situation book?
No, it is a short novel I wrote between the second and third books in my trilogy.

Q: Will there be an audiobook?
I have recently begun the process of turning it into an audiobook, but as of now there isn’t a 100% guarantee it will be. The process involves producers/narrators auditioning and bidding on the project. If I can’t find a good narrator or if no one bids on it (Unlikely. Who wouldn’t want to be part of the Knappocalypse?), this might delay or prevent an audiobook from being made.

Q: Will there be a paperback?
Yep! Within the next two weeks I will have paperbacks. I’m currently waiting on a physical proof of the book; I want to make sure it is perfect before making it available on Amazon.

Q: Will I be able to get a signed paperback?
Yes! Cost will be $15 total for a signed copy, shipping, AND a super cool PULSE-exclusive bookmark. Payment is sent through PayPal and I ship via USPS flat rate box. Once I have copies I’ll post about it on my fan page and we’ll go from there.

Q: How do I get a review copy?
Message me on facebook or email me (authorknpp (at) gmail) with a link to your review site/ Amazon reviewer profile to prove authenticity. I will send you whatever format of the book you need from there.

Q: When will TUS3 be done?
I’m making fast progress on the last book in the Cyrus V. Sinclair trilogy and am hoping for a release in 2015/ ASAP!

Q: How can I become a beta reader for upcoming novels?
Beta readers are very important to me. They receive a draft of my work after the editor has gone through it once, but before it reaches it’s final product. I value my beta reader’s feedback, often implementing suggestions and tweaking accordingly. This is a very serious job. In addition to a few tried and trusted people, I only send beta versions of my books to about 5 others on the stipulation you give me your honest thoughts after reading. To become a beta reader, keep an eye on my Facebook friend/fan page. I will post a callout and source beta readers from the messages I get from that.

Q: You are awesome, how can I help make you even more awesome and spread the Knappocalypse?
First of all, you are awesome, friend! Keep on liking, commenting, and sharing the content I post on my fan page, leave reviews, and keep being the incredible fan you are. You play a huge roll in my writing and all the stuff I do–never forget that.



About Eloise J. Knapp

Eloise J. Knapp hails from Seattle and never complains about the rain. She works in the videogame industry by day and is a post-apocalyptic horror author by night. Knapp's work includes The Undead Situation trilogy, ANAMNESIS, and the Anisakis Nova series. When not writing you'll find her hiking the Pacific Northwest.
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