Half-Life HEV Suit Cosplay- Part 3

Please check out my other blogs on this project for more info and helpful stuff! Part 1, Part 2. Also do not forget to check out my YouTube channel where I will have way more videos and info on this project.

Ok guys! Massive blog update on the HEV suit. Just going to upload a ton of pictures with some thoughts and tips.

Thigh Pieces

IMG_1400Here is an ugly prototype for the thigh piece. Note the word ugly. I like to make very rudimentary prototypes of whatever I’m working on so I can get a feel for how it looks, what the sizing needs to be like, etc. This is made of L200 (also called Y2) foam. After making this I learned how to improve the fit.

IMG_1401So I unfolded that part and made a pattern out of it, adjusting the height and some other factors to make it how I wanted.

IMG_1389I used that to cut out two identical foam pieces. I am more than likely going to coat these pieces in Worbla for more strength and a better painting surface. We’ll see.

IMG_1402Still need to get the shape of the cut out in the middle right.

Forearm Guards

IMG_1390Here are the final pepakura bracers with three coats of resin on the outside. Today I did fiberglass patches on the inside, which increase the strength of the entire piece. This was kind of a frustrating process, but needed because I never want these babies to break! Items needed: resin, fiberglass cloth (usually located near resin), scissors, cup, paintbrush, GLOVES, and a MASK (you need these, never think you don’t.)

IMG_1391Please check out the links in my Part 2 video linked above for the videos I use to do this process. Most important thing is to dry fit the cloth. Get all the right sized pieces you will need and then cut even more of them out. Once you start this process, you have to finish it immediately because the resin gets sticky and everything starts curing.

IMG_1397Here are the done pieces. I don’t think I did a bad job for my first time, but it was stressful. My glove got sticky and made it hard to pat down the fiberglass cloth. Use your brush in a dabbing motion to get it to lay flat and stick.

IMG_1394IMG_1393That is what it looks like on the inside. Ideally it should all lay down flat and be even everywhere, but like I said this was my first time. Overall I’m actually very happy with how it turned out.

IMG_1399Most important tips when working with resin: have everything you need ready to go before you start. Use a mask and gloves, this stuff is toxic! Work extremely fast because the resin gets sticky and cures quickly. Have all the fiberglass cloth cut out you will need, then some, because once you get going you won’t have time to cut more up.

That’s it for this report! Hope you enjoyed. More blogs and videos coming up as I make progress!


About Eloise J. Knapp

Eloise J. Knapp is an author and designer living in the Pacific Northwest.
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