Half-Life HEV Suit Cosplay- Part 5 (Painting)

Please check out my other blogs on this project for more info and helpful stuff! Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3. Also do not forget to check out my YouTube channel where I will have more videos and info on this project.

A mess! Yay!

A mess! Yay!

Things are looking fabulous! This update is only covering painting, because that’s where I’m at (finally). So far the painting has been going well. Too well, if you ask me. When stuff starts going too well with cosplay, I become suspicious. Too good to be true, right?

Anyway, first I’ll give you a breakdown on what paints I am using.

Spray Paints


I sort of was following the procedure outlined by Enter the Freeman guy, but my results aren’t looking similar but that’s okay. I like the more orange hued look my armor has, rather than a very yellow-y one. I started off with this yellow base, then layered on two different shades of orange.

After I layered on the orange, I used a light dusting of black to start making it look slightly aged.

For things that are silver, I’m using Rustoleum paint. This stuff is great, but keep in mind it will remain kind of tacky for a while. I suggest letting it set for at least a half day before handling it so you don’t leave fingerprints or smudge it.

Acrylic Paints


For detail work I’m using my acrylic paints. The primary colors I’m using are Burnt Sienna, Raw Sienna, Cadmium Orange, Cadmium Red Light, Mars Black, and Burnt Umber. I’m using a nice soft brush, one that I actually used for ink painting in college. However, for aging I use combination of those and a very bristly brush.

Thigh Pieces


These are looking CRAZY good if I do say so myself! For the inset part, I wanted it to be a little darker. I took a dab of red with a touch of burnt sienna to darken it, then watered up my brush and washed it all over that inset part. It darkened it without losing the texture I’d created underneath.

I then used black with water and started darkening the edges, pulling paint here and there to shade the edges and make it look distressed. After that dried, I took a thin brush loaded with black and ran it just along inside the edge. This gave it a ton of definition.

I took watered down Burt Sienna and just dabbed it randomly on the thigh pieces, then rubbed it in with my fingers. This was my attempt at more distressing.

Shin Guards

Shins in the back, arms in the front.

Shins in the back, arms in the front.

I did these puppies first because no one looks at your feet, and it was a good place to see how painting would go. For the inner parts, I used mixes of Burnt Sienna and Raw Sienna to darken and distress the inside. For the upper part, I used Burnt Sienna and Red (maybe another color, but I don’t remember) and shaded it with pure Burnt Sienna. I used more Burnt Sienna for the lines.

I just used silver acrylic for the little brackets. I used painter’s tape to section off the silver tops, then used Rustoleum silver. I shaded underneath it with some watered down Burnt Sienna, then pure for a darker line.



I did the usual orange spray paint combo for the inner part, then taped it off (once it was 100% dry) and did silver everywhere else. I hand painted it with the same process as the thigh pieces.

The Rest


Still gotta tackle the chest, but since that is the most important part I’m doing it last. I figure by the time I finish the rest of the stuff, my painting experience will be a little better and I’ll do a better job. Still to paint/detail are forearms, shoulders, belt, and the chest.


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Eloise J. Knapp is an author and designer living in the Pacific Northwest.
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