Inspiration is a Jerk

Hey, what’s up! Did I catch you at a bad time? Sorry (not really).

I know you’re driving right now and have no way of writing this down, but I have an amazing idea. Like, seriously. This is going to really bring your latest book to the next level. I have to tell you right now though. I’m sure you’ll remember when you get home, this is groundbreaking stuff.


Did you remember that last thing I told you? No worries, I have another idea and this one is stellar. It’s going to solve that jarring plot hole you have. You’re in the shower? This can’t wait, I’ll just tell you now. Keep thinking about it and right when you get out, go write it down. You’re a writer, right? How could you possibly forget an amazing idea?


Are you sleeping? You’re just about to fall asleep? I’ll be quick. This idea is totally original and is going to be a best seller, I swear. An idea like this is so good and makes so much sense, there is no way you will forget it. All right, close your eyes and get some sleep! See you in the morning, bright and early, and we’ll get some writing done!

(Not really).105097-30586

And now, some tips!

I don’t know about you guys, but inspiration hits me at inconvenient times. I have the best ideas when I can’t write them down. I used to tell myself, if I forgot the idea then it must not have been that great. Not true. Fact is, I get distracted easily. I forget things easily. Ideas can be fleeting. Fortunately I have a few tips that have been working well for me when it comes to inspiration retention. Hopefully they might help you, too.

First and foremost, keep a little notebook and writing utensil with you. The notebook needs to be dedicated to ideas and writing. Even if you only have time to jot down a few words, that might be enough to jog your memory later. This is the most obvious solution, but can be hard to commit to.

In the shower? Driving? Chant the idea. Assuming you have a notebook nearby, if you’re in a predicament where you literally can’t write your idea, chant it until you can. If I realize something in the shower, I’ll repeat the idea in my mind over and over until I’m out and can write it down. Same with driving. Even if you don’t have the notebook, the chanting will help drill the idea into your head and solidify it.

If you have a good thought and someone is near you, tell them. Not because they’re going to remember and tell you later (that would be cool if they did!) but because the mere act of verbalizing it and telling it to someone else will help you remember later. Many times I look at the person I told, remember I told them something good, then will ask them or spend time thinking about what I told them. They become a visual cue.



About Eloise J. Knapp

Eloise J. Knapp is an author and designer living in the Pacific Northwest.
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  1. Not the everyday post you see on wordpress, I enjoyed reading it though. Very nice!

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