Final Comedian Cosplay


“Once you realize what a joke everything is, being the Comedian is the only thing that makes sense.”

I posted here and there about this cosplay, but I wanted to have a solid blog post that goes over the entire thing like in this video. Like I’ve mentioned before, I’m the kind of person who gorges myself on research before actually starting something, so I hope this information is helpful to you in your own pursuit to create the Comedian from Watchmen.

The basic items I have on are leather pants, a leather underbust corset, and a leather top. Guys, an easy route for you would be black cargo-y Military looking pants and a black sleeveless shirt. I’ve seen instructions before on making his body armor out of plastic car floor mats. I used some knee-high leather boots I happened to have on hand. I never got around to making fancy elbow pads, so instead I just sewed tubes of leather fabric and called it good.

I bought these cheap fingerless gloves that I’ve bought two other times for different cosplays. I used hot glue to attach metal studs to the knuckles, then silver fabric paint for the rest of the details.


Suspenders & Belt
I got these suspenders from Amazon also (pretty much everything is from Amazon, hehe). They are a little expensive, but I use them for other things too. I already owned the tactical belt that they are attached to.

I designed the smiley face and went to a local button making shop and got a couple made.

Holsters & Guns
I purchased these holsters. Not leather, but affordable and they work.


I got these Desert Eagle airsoft guns. Yes, I know he uses 1911s. Do I have airsoft 1911s? No. Could I find the Deagles that fit nicely in the holsters and worked just fine? Yes. 🙂

I used my same design from the smiley face pin and printed it out, then ground off the emblem on the guns and glued them on. I then applied a thin layer of clear glue over it to seal it. I put them on both sides of the handle because I liked the way it looked.

Armor Pieces
I made the belt, knee, and shin pieces out of a thin plastic I cut out and heated to keep a curve. I then used craft foam to create the details. The whole thing was spray painted, then painted with acrylics for aging. I used Velcro and a ton of hot glue to make the straps used to hold them in place.

Here is all our gear laid out and ready to go for Emerald City Comic Con!

Here is all our gear laid out and ready to go for Emerald City Comic Con!

Right Shoulder
This was tricky and now, after two years, I can think of a hundred better ways to do it (mostly just L200 foam or Worbla). What I did for this particular one, was put expanding foam all over a knee pad that fit over my shoulder, then carved it into the right shape. I used paper mache to smooth it out, sanded it, then applied a thin layer of Instamorph over the whole thing to make it strong.

Way too much work, and also the product of a more novice cosplayer (not that I’m a pro now, lol). Seriously, try using L200 foam or Worbla for this shoulder piece if you can. I know you can do a better job than me!

Left Shoulder
I made the left shoulder out of craft foam, then used one piece of plastic from my other armor pieces as a base underneath. This was just a matter of getting the shapes right and gluing them together. I used a painted stud in the front for detail and Velcro to attach.


I made two versions of this mask: one in craft foam, the other in Worbla. The Worbla one looked and fitted better, but you could go either way. I simply drew the mask in Illustrator, printed it, traced and cut it out, then heated it up until moldable and pressed it against my face. Painted it, etc. I used wig tape to adhere it. I used gel eyeliner to paint around my eyes, then set it with black matte eye shadow. That makes the darkest, most consistent look.


Other Details
For the cigar (a must have on this cosplay) for conventions I took black electrical tape around the part that goes in my mouth and put a layer of glue on the rest of it to seal it. Why? The cigar gets wet and flaky fast, which is gross. It starts flaking off everywhere and looks bad.

I got some silver hair chalk and tried graying my hair a bit at the temples. I think it really looked good and added another level of detail.

You could also carry another gun if desired.

10469698_814134345278394_407892681443365845_nIf you have any questions feel free to contact me on facebook or leave a comment here!


About Eloise J. Knapp

Eloise J. Knapp is an author and designer living in the Pacific Northwest.
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