Reality Check: where does your time go?

I’m always trying to improve functionality in my life, and a lot of that has to do with time management and prioritizing. I try to be aware of where my time is going and if I’m being productive, but since I don’t really time myself on anything, it’s kind of guesswork.

My friend recently introduced me to an app called RescueTime. While being very considerate of user privacy, the app logs all websites and things you do on your computer and phone and puts it into sweet graphs. I’m extremely wary of apps like that, and privacy issues, but after reading up on it I decided it was legit.

The great thing about this is that you cannot escape the truth. When the approximate number of how you’re spending your computer time is right in front of you, there is no more disillusion. You will see, instantly, if you’re truly being productive or not.

How I Use It

This is an average workday for me.

This is an average workday for me.

I categorize anything to do with my day job as a neutral activity  (purple). Anything to do with social media or time killing websites is unproductive (red/dark red). All software relating to design, writing, or blogging, are productive (blue/ dark blue). It’s important to be realistic with how you categorize your activities. Even though I use Facebook as a marketing platform for my author stuff, I still classify it as unproductive. However, that’s why I have goals!

Here's the graphs showing an extremely productive day (Pulse of 71 with 3 hours logged).

Here’s the graphs showing an extremely productive day (Pulse of 71 with 3 hours logged).

My goals are 1 or more hours of writing/design a day and less than 1 hour of social networking a day. Whatever legitimate stuff I’m doing on social networking will never be more than an hour.


You can also manually add time on your phone. This is something I don’t really use right now. It’s hard to remember to start logging the time and end it when whatever the activity is, is done. I’ve used it for reading and house cleaning, two activities I consider productive.

If you’re looking at improving your productivity, or at least being more mindful of time spent on technology, try it. Getting a snapshot of how you really spend your time on the computer is eyeopening. Face the music, make some changes, and be more productive.

Please note: this is my honest opinion of this app. I was not paid to or contacted about blogging about it. 🙂


About Eloise J. Knapp

Eloise J. Knapp is an author and designer living in the Pacific Northwest.
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2 Responses to Reality Check: where does your time go?

  1. Paul Skow says:

    Please talk about zombies again, this is horseshit ;-P IMHO.

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