The Lake: Entry 3

The Lake is a supplemental serial novella to the Anisakis Nova series by Eloise J. Knapp. It comes after the events of Pulse: Genesis and Pulse: Retaliation and sets the stage for Pulse 3.


One cabin almost done. It turned out better than I thought it would. It’s a 15’x15’ cabin with one gaping hole for a door and two gaping holes for windows. No roof yet. It’s taken us four days to get this far even with the help of the chainsaw. Which, by the way, we’re running out of gas for. After this it’ll be axes. Hey, at least I’ll be ripped after this. All this manual labor and protein based diet is better than anything I would’ve done before the apocalypse.

Damn. I remember researching so many fad diets and workout routines, sure I was going to get my health together. On Monday. Or next month. Whenever it seemed like a good time to start a lifestyle change.

The hard part is hauling the logs back to the area we’re building. We got six logs from clearing the area we want to build. Everyone helped build a rock foundation underneath it, slathering on a mix of concrete. That’s what we put the logs on, then notch them and alternate.

Yeah, it’s pretty much like Lincoln logs but a hell of a lot harder.

But the rest of the trees, we have to tie ropes on them and haul them. The walls are about 6 feet now, 7 with the rock foundation. The taller it gets, the harder it becomes to build. We slide the logs up two ramps. It takes every bit of energy we have.

It looks amazing. We’ll spend the next few days getting the skeleton of the roof together.  Once that’s done, we’ll start it all over again and build another. I think it’ll go much faster since we know what we’re doing.

My body aches. This work is hard. I like that, though. I like knowing my actions have instant and visible results. Every day I feel like I’m doing something important. I never had this before. Life before was about doing things and hoping it would pay off, or doing things you know wouldn’t pay off.

Go to college and some day you might get a good job.

Post a selfie of yourself because…well, no reason. Just because.

Okay, it’s time to come clean about what I wrote on the 20th. I didn’t know what to make of it, so I thought the worst. When I went back to the truck and got the radio going, it was the same recording from that Adam Baker guy. The exact same. I figured that meant the world was still under the parasite’s control. Now I’m not so sure. Maybe no one has had the time to change the recording yet? It doesn’t mean everyone is infected. It could just mean no one has gotten around to it.

That’s what I’m telling myself at least. Every day I’m tempted to go check again. Every day I tell myself I can’t. I shouldn’t. I remember what happened to Brian, how they hanged him, and I feel sick. That isn’t a world I want to even risk returning to.

Time for dinner. Until next time.


About Eloise J. Knapp

Eloise J. Knapp is an author and designer living in the Pacific Northwest.
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