The Lake: Entry 4

The Lake is a supplemental serial novella to the Anisakis Nova series by Eloise J. Knapp. It comes after the events of Pulse: Genesis and Pulse: Retaliation and sets the stage for Pulse 3.



Linda finished setting up her hoop houses. She thinks there’s still time to get a bunch of kale growing. It’s a hearty green that can live through almost anything. A mile around the lake she found a ton of native blackberry bushes. Her and the kids pick berries every day. She brings back any other wild edibles she finds. Between that and the fish, no one is hungry.

Wayne and Jamie have been setting up PVC pipes from the lake to the camp. Once they install a pump we’ll have water right in base and won’t have to carry it from the lake anymore.

We’re still not sure if it’s safe to drink (it probably isn’t) so we have giant pots boiling over a campfire all day. If we had more piping left, we could create a water catchment system on the cabins. Anyway, we store cooled water in buckets and any free containers possible. We knew how much water everyone would need going into this, but fuck…it’s a lot of work to purify that much every day.

There are a lot of things we’re missing or could use. As a group we’ve discussed leaving The Lake to gather supplies from the last town we passed on the way up. It wasn’t abandoned or infected when we drove by it. The general consensus was to wait until we absolutely had to. We needed to push ourselves and see how much we could do on our own. Plus there’s that whole “we all agreed to never leave and be totally self-sustaining.” Funny how everyone’s tune changes when shit starts getting inconvenient.

Sorry, I’m in a bad mood. I pulled something in my back while I was working on the cabins. Pushing logs up the ramps to finish the walls is rough.

I had a dream about Brian. We were having pizza like normal and he handed me a ranch cup. When I opened it, there were parasites in it. I looked up and they were pouring from his mouth, his eyes, his nose. Every part of his body leaked them. I was too afraid to move. They crawled all over me and I felt them getting inside me, infecting me.

Yeah. It sucked. It sucks even more because I’ve had the dream four nights in a row.

Magnus is calling. Still have four hours left in my twelve hour day.


About Eloise J. Knapp

Eloise J. Knapp is an author and designer living in the Pacific Northwest.
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