The Lake – Entry 5

Hi guys! I’m doing two entries in a row since I skipped one a couple weeks ago.

The Lake is a supplemental serial novella to the Anisakis Nova series by Eloise J. Knapp. It comes after the events of Pulse: Genesis and Pulse: Retaliation and sets the stage for Pulse 3.


I’m giving up on dates. A lot of people haven’t, so if I wanted to know what day it was, I could ask. But at this point, does it matter? I don’t think so.

Haven’t had a chance to write in a while. Both cabins are done. For now we have tarps covering them. Eventually we’ll need to split wood to make shingles or figure out something more long term. Splitting wood to make shingles is (like all this) tricky. It has to be the right kind of wood and it will take a lot of labor. Short term, I’d rather be splitting wood for the fires we need to cook, boil water, and keep us warm. Long term, I know the shingles are a good use of manpower. I’m just complaining.

It’s a tight fit, but right now if everyone lays close we fit into the cabins at night. It feels like a step up from the tents for sure. Our collective body warmth keeps it at a good temperature despite the cold outside.

One thing we never planned out was beds. Magnus has built bunk beds before, which will be the best use of space so we’ll do that. The cabins will be like barracks until we build enough for individual families to live in. What I’m wondering about is what we’ll do for mattresses. Sleeping on hard slats of wood sounds worse than sleeping on the ground. That’s minor compared to everything else we’re dealing with, so I’m setting it aside for now.

Obviously I hope we can survive here, but if we don’t I wanted a record of this. Just in case…hell, I don’t know. In case humans retaliate against the infected and someone finds our corpses while on a backpacking trip. Here’s the list, including those we’ve lost or who have left.

Jim. Librarian, jack of all trades.

Tony & Beth. Carpenter, teacher.

Matt & Allie. Programmer/backpacker, daughter.

Cat, Dog + nephews (Frank & Bill). Nutritionist, yoga teacher, midwife. Man’s best friend.

Anthony. Competitive marksman, Army veteran.

Linda. Office secretary, green thumb.

Magnus, Jessica, Brittney and Peter (kids). Sportsmen, Navy veteran. Youth leader, chef. Kids.

Wayne. Medical experience, roommate.

Jamie. ? Roommate.

Laurie. Experience with children, roommate. 

Chelsea. Awesome chick, girlfriend. (Deceased, shot)

Felix, Marita, Desi. EMT, gardener, family. (Abandoned group)

Jeremy, Katrina. Couple.

So. Jamie. Linda talked to me about Jamie again. We hadn’t discussed it since the first time at the gardening store.

We were alone in an open grassy area about a quarter mile from the camp that she planned on using to garden next year. We were moving big rocks and stumps out of the area. I knew when she asked just me to accompany her that something was up. The job sounded like it needed four people at least.

“Jamie is still spending a lot of time with Brittney and Cat. When we go gathering wild greens they stick together behind the rest of the group.” She wiped sweat from her brow, leaving behind a trailing smudge of dirt.

I asked her if anything else happened. She told me no. He just hangs around them a lot and doesn’t give her any space. She acknowledged nothing malicious had happened yet, but he still gave her a bad feeling and asked if I would keep an eye out.

I said I would.

To be honest, he gives me a bad feeling, and not just because of his interest in the girls. He puts just enough work in around The Lake to look busy yet never gets anything done. Everyone else, even the kids, work to exhaustion every day. Even Frank and Bill, the youngest, will trek to and from the lake with little pails of water. Jamie spent a lot of time off doing…

Who knows what.


About Eloise J. Knapp

Eloise J. Knapp is an author and designer living in the Pacific Northwest.
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