While I don’t cosplay anymore, when I did I tried to document what I did in case it helped other people at some point. I still remember my cosplay adventures well, so if you have any questions, please feel free to ask and I will try to respond (writing this as of 1/25/2017). Here are links to various cosplay things I did!

Half-Life HEV Suit
Part 1. Why I decided to do this cosplay, plan, etc.
Part 2. A ton of useful links that I’ve gathered on other people’s HL2 HEV suit cosplays.
Part 3. Creating the thigh pieces out of foam, and the beginning of Pepakura crafting the forearm pieces.
Part 4. Major update on chest piece (made of Worbla) and the rest of the cosplay made of L200 foam.
Part 5. This is all on painting! The colors I used, process, etc.
Part 6. Gallery of all the finished armor pieces.

Team Fortress 2
TF2 Heavy Gun Build: Part 1

Comedian Suspenders, Holsters, Guns A breakdown on some of the details on the cosplay.
Complete Comedian Cosplay. This post covers every aspect of the cosplay and has some cool pics.
Complete Ozymandias Cosplay. Covers all parts of the Before Watchmen Ozymandias cosplay.

Helpful Links
Tutorial on folding Worbla instead of sandwiching. Haven’t tried it yet but if/when I use Worbla again I definitely will to reduce cost!
Tip on how to make decorative, sort of beveled lines in foam. Very easy, all it takes is an exact-o knife and heat gun. Definitely wish I had this technique when I was making my comedian cosplay and HEV Suit!

2 Responses to Cosplay

  1. Gleb says:

    It will be great if you post the Seconf part of the instruction about Sasha crafting and about the ammo can for her

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