Last Man Flash Fiction

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What is Last Man Flash Fiction?
When I started working full time in the game industry again, I knew it would take me longer to write novels, but I still wanted to write cool little tidbits for my fans. Flash fiction is my way of keeping my writing skills sharp and sharing a world with you all.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank Last Man Projects, who often inspires and helps me figure out details in these flash fiction. Thank you!

Where does the art come from?
I find the art on the internet. Some are images I’ve had saved for a long time, and others are ones I found specifically for the flash fiction. Sometimes I make the art myself. I will always credit the artist when possible, meaning if I can’t find the source of the image, I can’t credit. I’ve actually gotten viruses clicking on links in reverse image searches, so I’m wary of doing that too much and suggest you’re careful, too. 🙂

If you find a piece of uncredited art and know where it came from, please let me know!

While I don’t modify the art in any way, and am solely inspired by it and just want to share it with the world, if I posted your art and you want me to remove it, please let me know. I will respect that.

Is this a novel/ will this be a novel?
This is not a novel. It’s a series of flash fiction that I post on my fan page every Friday. I do have a few ideas on how I would make it into a novel, so maybe some day it will be. But nothing concrete in the works presently.