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The Comedian: Suspenders, Holsters & Guns

Oh jeez, it’s Wednesday already!? As I sit here I realize I’ve been trying to do a blog once a week and, alas, today I had nothing profound or confrontational to write about. Then I decided you really wanted to … Continue reading

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Fast Zombies Are Scarier

If you think slow zombies are scarier than fast ones, I have bad news for you: they aren’t. I’ve been on the side of the shamblers for many years. Whenever someone asked me which was scarier, I’d always respond with, … Continue reading

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Haven’t seen THAT movie? Your opinion is now invalid.

I’m around 18 years old at my first ever convention. ZomBcon. I’m nervous. I’m not very social, not fantastic at interacting with people. I’m just getting into the whole scene. At some point I start talking to someone about zombie … Continue reading

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Don’t Do It!

Often when I watch a horror movie there are scenes where I beg the characters not to do something. Dumb teenagers, don’t go in the dark woods to find your friend! Stupid guy, don’t provoke the paranormal entity in your … Continue reading

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January Giveaway

It is giveaway time again! This January enter for a signed copy of The Undead Situation, t-shirt, and cool pins. Enter by putting a comment in this blog post. I’ll choose a winner with a random number generator at the … Continue reading

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